Thursday, 1 March 2012

By Steve Tomlinson

With Hannah’s lips pressed gently against her neck, Katie smelt the sweet, fruity scent of Hannah’s shampoo in her long blonde locks, trailing over Katie’s breasts and firm nipples. The air was sticky and humid in their room, the ensuite shower still running, ushering steam through the door after their desires had overpowered them and forced them into the room, their bodies entwined and coated with thousands of beads of water. The silk of the freshly changed sheets caressed Katie’s shoulders and the top of her back, which was arched over in pleasure with her lover’s hands providing a suitable platform under her rear for her to push her groin into Hannah.

“I…oh, I love you beautiful,” managed to escape Katie’s lips between stifled moans. Hannah smiled at her and her eyes softened from their normal, focused state and conveyed the same message to Katie.
“You’re perfect, baby” Hannah whispered in Katie’s warm ear, before sliding her tongue along the edge and sucking Katie’s ear lobe, causing her to shiver with lust and expectation of more.

The bed was wet with shower water and their own juices, making the sheets slippery and cold to the touch. This went unnoticed by the pair, locked in a warm embrace. Hannah was a naturally dominant person who seemed to spend most of her time in bed laid between Katie’s legs, which were now locked around Hannah’s pert, taught backside. With a swift, sharp roll, Katie flipped Hannah onto her back in a rare show of getting her to submit to her tongue and the smooth skin of her fingertips. No sooner was Hannah on her back than Katie took the opportunity to lick her right index finger and run it slowly from Hannah’s chin to her navel, feeling as if she had it stuck to Hannah’s slightly tanned, moist skin. Hannah enjoyed the unusual reversal of roles, which was obvious due to her relentless shuddering and the high-pitched squeaks she was emitting. Katie sat back onto her heels, running her hands down the inside of Hannah’s quivering legs, teasing every tiny pore. When the teasing had become unbearable, Katie giggled to herself, pleased with her achievement of making Hannah wetter than she had been in the shower and unable to contain the scream of delight she so longed to let out. In a fluid movement, Katie threw back her own shimmering blonde tresses and kissed the top of Hannah’s lips, then proceeded to please with the tip of her tongue. As she fell deeper into the warmth of Hannah’s pussy, the rest of her tongue began to slide up and down, catching tastes of the sweet juices seeping out. Hannah took her hand and pressed gently into the top of Katie’s back, forcing her tongue inside her, coating Katie’s nose and chin in cum and producing groaning from both of them. Finally Hannah erupted between Katie’s lips, squirting warm juices to the back of her throat. Katie released the pressure and threw her head back, grinning with pride. She winked at Hannah and began to speak softly inbetween short, sharp breaths. “Your turn next babe.”
“Now? Or do you want me to make you wait for it…?”

Katie stood up, still smiling and went to the bathroom, leaving Hannah in bed to relax and catch her breath. After cleaning herself up, Katie dressed herself in white lace lingerie, and then pulled on a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a pale blue top that showed off the smallest band of her midriff and bellybutton. “Want a drink, hun?” she asked as Hannah finally breathed normally again.
“No thanks, I’m going to pop to shop gorgeous, want anything?”
“Er…could you get me a Lucozade and a Twix or something please?”
“Sure, won’t be long.” Hannah replied as she got dressed again into her red thong and bra, grey hoody and black joggers.
“Ok, see you soon Princess.” Katie smiled as Hannah left.

Katie woke up after falling asleep on the settee. Expecting Hannah to be home, she was surprised when she checked the time. 2:40pm. Hannah had been gone for 3 hours. Katie quickly checked her phone and with no missed calls or texts, proceeded to ring Hannah. No answer. Katie’s deep blue eyes opened wider as she tried to shake the slumber from her mind. Her fingers separated from her mind and dialled Hannah’s number automatically. Still no answer. Katie was beginning to grab her jacket and car keys when Hannah walked through the door.
“Where the hell did you get to?” Katie exclaimed, her eyebrows raised and her eyes expressing a real concern.
“Sorry, just lost track of time babe, don’t worry.”
“How can I not? You’ve been gone ages!”
“I said sorry babe, just leave it, ok?”
Katie stepped up close to Hannah and immediately smelt a waft of stale alcohol on her heavy breath.
“You’ve been drinking?! Why the hell have…? Where the fuck have you been?!”
As Hannah turned to leave Katie’s confrontation, her purse dropped to the floor and opened.
“What the hell is that?! A betting slip?!” screamed Katie. “You told me you’d stopped that shit!”
“Oh, don’t start this again babe, I can’t take it!”
“Why, did you lose?!”
Hannah stormed out of the room. Katie sat on the sofa and threw her head into her hands, bursting into tears.

After regaining her composure and wiping the sodden mascara from her cheeks, Katie made her way to the bedroom. Hannah was sat on the bed watching TV. Katie entered the room and stood in front of the TV before turning around and switching it off.
“We need to talk Hannah. I can’t cope with things going back to how they were a couple of years ago. It nearly broke us last time and I don’t think I can put myself through it again. You need to stop it before it’s not just money you lose.”
“I’ve only made a couple of bets recently baby, nothing big, just £15-20 or so. I won the first one but I’ll admit, I did lose that other one you found in my purse.”
“How much was that one worth?”
“I was told it was a dead cert so I put £60 on, almost sure I was going to get a couple of hundred back. I’m really sorry.”
“Sorry doesn’t mean anything if you don’t follow it up or even truly regret it though, hun. You have to give it all up if you want to have me in your life, you really do.”
“I will do, K. I’d give up anything for you, you know I would.”
“So you promise me then?”
“Course I do darl,” Hannah smiled.
“And the drinking, what were you doing drinking alone at that time of day baby? I’d have come and had one with you but maybe a little bit later than it was.”
“Just decided to go for a quick one with Jodie, I got talking to her outside shop.”
“Jodie? How was she? I haven’t spoken to her for ages.”
“She’s good, she split up from her boyfriend, turns out he was having his cake and eating it. Only with her bloody mother though!” Hannah laughed.
“No! When did she find that out?!”
“When her dad walked in on them both in the bath one night after he’d got in from work.”
“My God, must have been awful, that.”
“Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, shall we have a brew babe?”
“Yeah, and sit and watch a DVD? Saturday afternoon film sesh?”
“Definitely,” Katie giggled lovingly.

As the kettle grew closer to boiling point, Hannah leant her elbows on the worktop and bent over, waiting for the light to flick off. As steam misted up the panes of glass in the cupboards above her, a familiar hand found its way down Hannah’s shoulder and under her arm, stopping on her chest. A pair of lips made a trail around the back of her neck while a second hand crept beside her and made its way down her hips and gently started to rub between her legs. Hannah’s joggers started to feel warm and moist to Katie, who was enjoying playing with her girlfriend. All of a sudden, Hannah laughed and turned her body away from Katie, dropping lower, towards the floor.
“That really tickles but it’s so nice babe.” Hannah grasped Katie and spun her round, into the corner of the worktop. As Katie swung her arms back to find a grip on the side, Hannah pushed herself onto Katie’s slim, toned body and licked around her lips before her tongue found itself in Katie’s mouth. Katie stroked Hannah’s cheek in a smooth, soft manner while she ran her other hand through Hannah’s long, shimmering hair.

Hannah suddenly broke her lips away from Katie’s and pulled the pale blue top over her head. Katie sighed with expectation of the pleasure that awaited her and almost fell down when she felt Hannah kissing her waistline as she unbuttoned the jeans that now felt so restrictive. As her jeans fell to the floor, Katie felt her legs being parted and pressure on the front of her sexy, white French knickers. It was Hannah’s tongue and it had already got Katie trembling in anticipation. Hannah then slowly kissed Katie’s navel while she slid her knickers off and then returned to using her tongue on Katie’s hot, wet pussy. Katie moaned in ecstasy and ran her fingers through Hannah’s hair once again. Hannah managed to lower her joggers and slid her free hand inside her wet, red thong. There was a fair amount of cum beginning to seep through it by now. Hannah began to play with herself, rubbing and stroking herself to the point of climax, whilst her tongue strived to work harder and faster, working Katie’s lips as they got even more slippery, while her middle finger circled a particularly pleasurable spot of Katie’s pussy. Hannah then gave Katie an unexpected but very pleasurable surprise by taking her finger, dripping with cum, and now circling Katie’s arse with it.
“That’s so nice, why don’t you go in baby…?” Katie quietly suggested in a shivering voice. Without releasing the pressure on Katie’s lips, Hannah slid her finger into Katie’s rear and began probing, producing shrieks of aroused delight from Katie’s lips, the bottom of which was now in her teeth, trying to contain even more, louder moaning. Hannah continued and, just as her tongue began to ache and throb with exhaustion, Katie dropped lower onto Hannah’s mouth and finger and erupted with vocality.
“Oohhhhh, fuck, babe, that’s fucking gorgeous! Drink it up!” Katie was now struggling to keep her legs from giving way to the uncontrollable orgasm she was experiencing. Sure enough, her legs gave in and the couple fell into a heap right there on the kitchen floor, both gasping for breath and covered in sticky, hot cum. Katie pulled Hannah close and lapped up the excess from her mouth then began to swap the fluid in their mouths, both groaning with pleasure in a tight embrace.
“I love you, H.”
“I love you more, K.”

The night passed slowly, which pleased the pair as it felt as though they were two lovers, lost in time, full of endearment for each other. There they were in their own little world for the rest of the weekend, the moonlight breaching the gaps in the curtains being the stitch that held the magic together.

“Morning beautiful, sleep well?” Hannah asked a sleepy Katie as they awoke in each other’s arms, the sun passing through the ajar windows, covering the bottom half of the bed.
“Yeah, what about you?” Katie replied, turning even closer into Hannah’s chest, her head resting on her breasts.
“Great, thanks. Fancy a brew?”
“Yes, please. And some toast if that’s ok?”
“Anything for you my princess,” Hannah beamed. Leaving the comfort of the bed and making her way to the kitchen, Hannah rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She opened the fridge and took out the milk.
“We haven’t got any butter baby, I’ll just nip to shop and get a tub, ok?”
“Ok, thanks, see you soon gorgeous,” Katie replied, her voice raised to carry her usual soft tones across to the kitchen. Hannah pulled on some clothes from the pile of ironing in the living room and grabbed her keys and purse, hardly making a sound on the way out of the door. Katie laid back in bed, her hands under her head, the breeze from the window slightly chilling the insides of her arms. She smiled as she remembered the way they had both made passionate love last night, pleasing both holes of each other in a quest to further experience the pleasure Katie had felt earlier the day before.

The clock wound round to 9:18am and Hannah hadn’t returned. She had only been gone 20 minutes and Katie figured she was just held up in a queue or something. As she got out of bed and stood up, she quickly felt that something was wrong and sat straight back down again. Her mouth felt dry and she reached for the Lucozade she had left on the bedside cabinet. Katie had coped with her diabetes since she was diagnosed as a child and had rarely felt so bad. Her head spun and she grabbed her phone and dialled 999.
“Ambulance please, my name is Katie Evans, 382 Sanctuary Street, I’m diabetic and having a hypo.”
Katie struggled to co-ordinate herself and dropped the phone to the floor and her body fell forwards, causing her to hit her head on the cabinet corner. She yelped in pain and attempted to bring her hand to the pain in her head but to no avail. She felt her eyelids drop and the room went dark.

Conflicting noises and shouts filled Katie’s ears as she came round to a hive of activity swarming around her. She caught sight of a woman in blue, then another and in front of her face, a man wearing slim, black glasses began to speak to her.
“Hi, Katie, I’m Ed, a doctor. You’re in hospital. You had a hypoglycaemic attack and hit your head. We’ve managed to stabilise your blood sugar levels and we’re just about to get your head seen to, there’s a lot of blood but the actual cut isn’t too bad so don’t worry. You’re going to be fine. Your partner is waiting outside for you. She’ll be able to come and see you once your head’s sorted out, ok?”
“Ok,” Katie whispered, confused and drowsy.

20 minutes later, Katie was recovering in a chair in a quiet area of the hospital. Her head had been glued and was very sore. Hannah came into view at the end of the corridor. As she walked closer, Katie stood up and went to meet her. As they met, Hannah took hold of Katie and hugged her tightly. Katie felt safe now as she was still drowsy and felt bizarre.
“It’s ok baby, I’m here for you now,” Hannah reassured her.
“Where did you get to? I thought you’d only popped out for butter?”
“I know babe, I got talking to Mike in the shop, I’m so, so sorry.”
A tear ran down Katie’s cheek.
“I felt so helpless in the house all by myself. I could hardly do anything. Next thing I knew, I was waking up here.”
“Well I’m here now beautiful you’re fine now. How’s your head? They said you’d cut it open.”
“It’s fine, just quite sore. How was Mike anyway? I heard he got burgled last week.”
“Yeah, he’s ok now though, luckily he had contents insurance, got it all replaced. Anyway, let’s get you home so you can relax.”
“Ok. Thanks baby, I love you.”
“Not as much as I love you,” Hannah said, staring into Katie’s glazed eyes, a tear still in the bottom of each one.

As Katie and Hannah made their way home, Katie asked Hannah to stop by the shop so she could get a drink and some chocolate for curling up on the sofa with. They pulled into a space and Katie emerged from the car slowly.
“Be careful babe, you’re still quite disorientated aren’t you? I said I’d go for you but if you want to go yourself then just go careful.”
“I’ll be ok, don’t worry darling.”

Once inside the shop, Katie greeted Mike as he stood behind the counter, stacking the cigarettes onto the display.
“What’s happened to you, Katie? You don’t look very well. Are you ok?”
“Yeah, just banged my head cos I had a hypo earlier, I’m fine now though, thanks,” she replied while selecting a drink and some chocolate.
“Oh, poor lass, hope your head’s ok? Nasty situation when you have a hypo. My mum’s diabetic, she hasn’t had one in a while though.”
“So, you managed to get all your stuff replaced then, Mike? Hannah was telling me just now that you said you’d got sorted.”
With a puzzled look, Mike replied “No, still waiting to hear from the insurance company. And Hannah hasn’t been in at all today so I don’t know where she got that from.”
“Oh, must have got my wires crossed then, sorry. Probably thought she’d told me or something.”
“Ok, hope you’re all better soon, see you later.”
“Thanks Mike, see you later.”

Katie sat in the car and didn’t speak very much to Hannah until they got home. Once through the door she started to shout while trying to fight back the tears.
“Where the fuck were you earlier?! Mike told me you never went to shop! I was in hospital and where the hell was you?!”
“Well?! No fucking explanation?!”
“Look babe…”
“Don’t ‘babe’ me! What the fuck were you doing?! Betting again?!”
“Just shut up ok?! Truth is…I was out arranging something for you. A surprise. God knows why I fucking bothered now!”
“What…? Surprise? A surprise for me? What is it?”
“I don’t even know whether to carry on and keep it a secret or just fucking tell you.”
“I’m really, really sorry baby, I just thought…”
“Yeah, you doubted me didn’t you? Shows how much you trust me doesn’t it?”
“Can you blame me though? After you became addicted to gambling? We nearly lost our home, our savings, our security…our life together. And the fact you knew that and you’ve still been out betting… Will you not learn? It’s so stupid. Don’t you see?”
“I do, I really do. But I swear I’m done with all that now baby, all I want is you.”
“Do you promise me? Truthfully, honestly, definitely promise me? Cos if not, then I can’t do this anymore.”
“Yes, I honestly do. Honestly.” Hannah looked at Katie with a hopeful look on her face. Katie’s face conveyed a message of doubt, which quickly turned to happiness as she stared into Hannah’s smoky grey eyes and found a weight of truth inside them. Katie took Hannah’s hand and kissed the back of it, taking it to her cheek and tilting her head. Hannah stepped forward and took Katie close into a tight cuddle. Hannah’s breath was warm on Katie’s neck and she suddenly felt an overwhelming lust for Hannah instead of feeling angry, disappointed and betrayed as she had done a couple of minutes ago. Katie squeezed Hannah’s arse cheeks and Hannah squeaked. Katie laughed and walked Hannah up to the bedroom, both undressing to their underwear as they went. Once in the room, Katie laid Hannah on the bed and began kissing her neck and chest. Hannah pulled Katie’s head up to her mouth and kissed her, using her tongue to tickle the roof of Katie's mouth. Katie shuddered and the two laughed. Katie then parted Hannah’s legs and pulled down the black knickers that Hannah had put on that morning. Katie used her fingers at first, stroking and massaging Hannah’s clitoris and the mouth of her pussy. Hannah’s sounds got louder and more frequent. Katie’s fingers and tongue now slipped away from Hannah’s pussy and onto her backside, concentrating on the other hole. Hannah gasped immediately and then giggled with pleasure.

“Fuck, keep going babe…” Hannah groaned passionately. Katie now left her fingers to work Hannah’s arse but her tongue alternated between front and back.
“Babe…stop…stop,” Hannah gasped, “Lay down, I want to taste you at the same time as you’re tasting me.” Katie duly obliged and laid down. Hannah straddled Katie’s head and placed her soaking wet crack onto Katie’s mouth, allowing her to stick her tongue up Hannah’s arse. Hannah nearly came right then but managed to carry on as she now licked Katie’s smooth, wet pussy, lapping her cum up quickly. Both of them continued to lick each other’s pussies and bottoms until each felt the other gripping them tightly. With their tongues inside each other, they both screamed and quaked as they squirted their juices all over each other’s mouths, cum leaking from the sides of their lips. Their bodies continued in their motions and gradually slowed until they had both regained their breathing. They finally laid back in each other’s arms and kissed passionately for what seemed like ages.

“So…come on then, what’s my surprise?” Katie enquired.
“Well, you know I said I won that first bet?”
“Well, it was quite a big win. Like £3000 big. It was an accumulator.”
“And I walked straight out of the bookies and went to the travel agent’s and booked us a week in France. A lovely little cottage in this little wine region, really sunny every day, fields all around, a vineyard…everything you could want really.” Katie shrieked with excitement and threw her arms around Hannah and smothered her with kisses.
“I can’t believe it, our first holiday together! Yes!”
“I’m so glad you’re happy baby, I really wasn’t sure whether you’d be happy with it.”
“Why wouldn’t I be babe? It’s going to be lovely!”
“Well, since it’s come from gambling money…”
“Tell you what, as long as you make me an honest promise that you’ll never ever gamble again, I’ll say nothing about it,” Katie laughed.
“Fine by me baby. I love you so much.”
“I love you too my wonderful, wonderful princess.”

Two months later, Katie and Hannah were over the Channel, sipping drinks on the plane, wondering just how much fun they were going to have. They relaxed into their seats, smiled at each other and shared a kiss, both enjoying the happiness they’d built together.

Written by Steve Tomlinson